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Here Are Two Sample Lessons You Can Review.
DEMO   Sample Lessons
    Pronunciation 41:04
Tall Boot, Short Boot 19:44

Here's the Table of Contents of My Program for Beginners.
UNIT 1   Pronunciation
    The Spanish Alphabet 14:25
Syllables 20:01
Stress and Accents Marks 14:43

UNIT 2   Sentences
    The Basic Sentence 19:34
Sentences 25:30
More Sentences 19:32
Agreement 17:33
More Agreement 19:05

UNIT 3   Negative Sentences and Questions
    This and These 26:55
This and These #2 12:12
There Is and There Was 20:48

UNIT 4   Present Tense Regular Verbs.
    Introduction to Verbs 20:17
Present Tense 17:05
More Verb Practice 22:00

UNIT 5   Irregular Present Tense
    Only Irregular in Yo 24:27
Stem Change Irregular 15:07
No Pattern and More Stem Change 23:30
Summary of Irregular Present Tense 34:54
The 16 Most Important Verbs 24:30

UNIT 6   Imperfect Tense
    Imperfect Tense Verb Conjugation 29:42

UNIT 7   Preterite
    Regular Preterite Verbs 32:54
Crazy Irregular Preterite Verbs 24:25
Other Preterite Irregulars 25:26
The 16 Most Important Verbs 18:23

UNIT 8   Future, Conditional, and Gerunds
    Future 13:50
Conditional 19:10
Gerunds 16:20
More Gerunds 22:47

UNIT 9   The Compound Tenses
    Overview of the Compound Tenses 22:25
More about Compound Tenses 15:46
Past Participles Used as Adjectives 9:12

Here's the Approach I Suggest to Using My Spanish for Beginners Program

First please go through both of the demo videos listed at the top of this page. I want you to see my style. It's worked especially well for many many students. But be sure it's the right style for you.

If it's good for you, and I truly think it will be, then please join by clicking on the Join links. And then right away you'll be signed up and have your password.

Then here's the surprise. I suggest that you go through all the videos (all 31 of them). When you've been through them all, you'll have the big picture. One reason lots of students have trouble learning a foreign language is they don't have the big picture, and so material just doesn't fall into place. With my approach, the learning problem is solved!

Then it's time to have fun with Spanish. If you have a friend who wants to learn, it's even better. So, with a friend if you want to, or individually if you prefer, go back to the first video. And this time go slowly. This time through is to master the ideas. Don't rush. Discipline yourself to do a certain number of videos a week--but not too many.

Inside the course I have suggestions for exercises you'll use to practice. They'll be easy to do--they'll be reinforcement. If you learn from my demo videos (and you will) then you'll learn Spanish for Beginners by listening to my videos and thinking along with them.

For me, Spanish is pure fun. It's also very good for getting ahead in business. And it opens up the world of travel to happy, exciting countries. I hope you'll join and let me teach you Spanish.

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