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This is the title bar for this month.
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In this month's Whiteboard
Session we're talking about
En la sesión “pizarrón blanco” de este mes hablaremos acerca
de los imperativos.
A snapshot show what this month's lesson looks like.
Here are this month's videos for listening practice
Click here for my suggestion on how to make especially good use of the videos.
Aquí están los videos del mes para mejorar tu habilidad de entender.
This is a frame from a listening practice video.
A verbal is a group of words having the nature of a verb.
Verbos con partícula.
A portion of the verbals for this month are shown here.
Study tip  A lot of people tell me they don't study because they don't have more than 10 or 15
minutes at a time. They say that by the time they get out their books and clear a spot the time
is gone. So this month's tip is to find a place somewhere in the house and set up a designated
Spanish study table. Leave all your study materials sitting out so you can slip right into studying
when you've got a few free minutes.


This month we'll listen to the
pronounciation of all the forms of

Ayudar, Traer, and Decir.
to help           to bring               to say or tell

Here’s a way to master the verb tenses and moods that’s much faster than tackling one and then weeks (or a month or two) later tackling another.

Please click here to read my so much faster approach to learning verbs. I use this approach all the time in our language school, and the results are excellent.

We'll add another twenty-five
cognates to our list.


Este mes escucharemos la pronunciación de los verbos tener, ayudar y decir.

Agregaremos otras 25 cognatos a nuestra lista.


The image shows part of the page of a fully conjugated verb.
You'll click to see an English verb
conjugated in all tenses and moods

You'll click to see a discussion of
Spanish's tenses and moods
This is a print of a screenshot of the cognates page for this month.

AHA! Moment  There are many little details that we forget or maybe never
noticed in the first place. They're so small that we don't take time to look them
up. They're important, and so we'll brush up on them.

AJÁ Existen muchos detalles que no sabemos o tal vez no notamos la primera vez, son tan pequeños que no nos tomamos el tiempo de observarlos. Son importantes así que daremos un repaso.

Le pateé. I kicked him (it happens all the time in Soccer). Him is the direct object, the receiver of the action. But le is an indirect object pronoun. How can it be le instead of lo or la?

It's called Leísmo. When the direct object is a male person, le is sometimes used instead of lo. Even though you'll see it, its use is discouraged.
Business and formal writing

Here's a letter we wrote. Look at how
flowery it is when rewritten in good
business Spanish. Also notice the
difference in layout.

Escritura formal y de negocios. Aquí está una carta que nosotros escribimos, vea que tan adornadas están sus palabras en una buena forma de español de negocios, también note la diferencia que está resaltada.

This is a scaled down view of the English letter.
This is the Spanish letter at small scale.
More words that behave like Gustar

I know it's ethnocentric to say they're
backwards, but they are always a little
disconcerting at first. Once you're really
on to them, they're no trouble.

Otras palabras que actúan como gustar. Yo se que es un poco etnocéntrico decir que hay atrasos, pero siempre hay un pequeño desconcierto al principio. Una vez que los conozcas no ha más problema.

Verbs that act like gustar are explained in this section.
I'm always keeping an eye out for good books. This book has 1001 useful words and a sentence with each one along with its translation. I recommend
to our immersion school students that they read one page a day for two months
and then cycle to page one and do it again. The second time through, with their
now improved Spanish, students see things they missed the first time around.

Yo siempre estoy atento a buenos libros. Este libro tiene 1001 palabras y oraciones , cada palabra con su traducción. Yo les recomiendo a los estudiantes de la escuela leer una página al dia por 2 meses y después regresar a la primera y hacerlo de nuevo. En el siguiente repaso los estudiantes se darán cuenta de más cosas, porque ellos han mejorado su español.

Here's a picture of the cover of the book featured this month.
  I'd love to work with you every month. There's enough new material above to keep a busy person occupied for quite a while. I want to make sure you've got enough reminders and new learning each month that it's fun and rewarding, but I don't want there to be so much that you just don't have time.

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Linda's lesson for this month This link takes you to a list of this month's listening practice videos. The verb ayudar is read in all it's tenses Here are 25 perfectr and almost perfect cognates. Many words congugate and are used like gustar.  Here are several of them. Here's how we write it in English. Here's how it's written in formal business Spanish