Here’s How Spanish with Linda Came To Be

You should do a website for those who can’t come here, said one of our language school students. I appreciated the compliment. The way you explain things is incredible, she continued. What you did for me this last hour…, everybody who’s serious about learning Spanish deserves the chance to hear it your way.

I have a bachelor’s and a master’s in math and have taught math at many levels including the university level. Finding and filling in the missing parts allowed thousands of students to finally find success in math.

I brought those skills to our language immersion school in Mexico, and so far hundreds of students have finally started speaking Spanish (carrying on conversations in Spanish, traveling in Spanish, shopping in Spanish, visiting with the wonderful local folks, and all in all having a great time in Spanish).

Each month I’ll bring you the kind of material that has made our immersion school so successful. Some of the material will finally clear up questions, uncertainties and problems that you may have had for who knows how long. Also I’ll bring you material that is what often tends to be missing, and because it’s missing your progress has been slow.

The immersion school student who suggested developing this website isn’t a young college student. She’s a recently retired CFO of a large oil exploration and drilling company. She loves learning languages, and she wants to travel throughout Latin America. I listened carefully as she built her case for me to make this website.

Each month I’ll have a “live” lesson. I call them whiteboard lessons. They are live captures of my explanations just as if I were sitting across from you writing on a small tabletop whiteboard. They are usually between half an hour and an hour long. Sometimes they run even a little longer.

I’m including other especially useful things in the website. Cognates give your vocabulary a huge boost. Videos of folks in Veracruz bring growth to your understanding and listening ability. As you’re playing each video, the text of what’s being said is typed out for you to follow along. The English translation is also there so you can compare the way we say things to the way they’re said in Spanish.

Verbals never receive enough attention. Get in, get out, get up, get down, get with it, get going, get busy are examples of verbals built with the verb to get. English is full of verbals, and we need to know the verbs Spanish uses for them.

Formal writing is Spanish is amazingly floral. You sound more like a supplicant than a peer. But it’s the style. It’s fun as well as instructive to compare what we might have written with what a professional person would have written in Spanish.

There’s so much to talk about. I’m putting in enough each month to keep your Spanish alive and moving forward. It’s not an overwhelming amount—that wouldn’t be any fun. You can do it in your free moments.

Here are a couple of comments that came in last week about my use of the “whiteboard lessons” technique. They’re from an university online statistics class I teach.

Those white board video's have been an unbelievable asset to this class for me. Throughout my college career, I have rarely seen resources that have been that effective. Thanks for creating and posting those white board videos.


I echo your response {she wrote to another student} in regards to the white boards. Those white boards are the best thing that have happened to this class. These white board sessions are critical to my success so far. I would have never imagined myself having this much of an understanding of stats overall up to this point. I have the white boards to thank for those. Please keep those coming. I am sucking them up like a sponge.

So, I invite you to come enjoy Spanish with us. Here’s a demo where you can take a look. The demo works the same as each monthly presentation. The cost is low, just $11 a month. You’ll have fun and your Spanish will get stronger and stronger.

And, as the CFO pointed out somewhere in our many conversations, I’m a teacher, not a businessperson--if my lessons aren’t benefiting you, let me know and I’ll refund the unused months.