Ways to Make Excellent Use of the Videos

There are several ways to use of these videos, and what’s best for you depends in part on your Spanish level.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced student of Spanish a way that works really well is first to listen to a video without looking at the words.

Follow this by listening while looking at the Spanish words. You’ll probably understand even more this time.

Next, listen while reading the English words. This is the time that you’ll possibly be thinking, “Oh, so that’s how they say that idea.”

If you’re not an advanced student of Spanish (and especially so if the topic is advanced) it is often best to read along in the English the first time you’re listening (or the first couple of times).

Follow this with listening while reading the Spanish.

And then, finally, listen without reading anything at all.

And you may have your own way. Each of us understands our individual learning style better than others do.