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  Refund Policy
Our intention is that our website be useful to you in developing your knowledge and use of Spanish.  But we accept that it is not possible to offer a site that successfully meets everyone’s needs.

Should you find that our site is not of value to you, simply email us at and tell us you would like to cancel the remainder of your subscription.  If you cancel within the first thirty days following the date you subscribed, we will refund 50% of your paid subscription. There is no refund for cancelling beyond the first thirty days.

Privacy Policy
Please read this, our Privacy Policy, before submitting personal information. Use of this site, signifies that you accept the practices contained in the policy. The policy is subject to change, but change will only affect newly submitted information. Any changes will be posted prior to enactment.

For purposes of communication with you, we collect your name and your email address as voluntarily submitted by you. We use this information in no other manner. We will delete your name and email address at your request.

Credit card and debit card information is not collected by us (with the exception of your name and email address as mentioned about), but instead is used only in the processing of your payment. We do, of course, record the fact that the payment has been made and when. All personally identifiable payment information is secure. Personal information is encrypted by SSL.

This site does uses a cookie to control the log-in status. This cockie is deleted when you log out. SquirrelCart uses a cookie that has an automatic expiration.

For whatever questions relative to our privacy policy, please contact me at
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